Monday, June 19, 2017

Week 46 - June 19, 2017

Hiya, guys! 

Another great week out on the mish.  It flew by as always.  Just lots of hard work.  Nothing too crazy, but we have a lot ahead of us these next few weeks to be excited for! 

Tuesday:   We had a great District Meeting.  We talked about getting our friends to church and helping them take the Sacrament and feel the Spirit!  Right before District Meeting, Elder Ward tossed the keys out of his car to some missionaries to get into the building, but he overthrew them and they landed in the bushes, and were lost... All of the missionaries looked for an hour or two for them, and we couldn't find them!  That was the only key we all had to get in and out of the building throughout the week, so we all prayed what to do.  I had an idea.  I knew a guy named Martin who I talk to all the time, who owns a store with a metal detector.  I called him up, asked him if we could come grab it and borrow it, and he says, "Of course you can, Elder, why would you even ask?  Come down and get it!"  So, we drove down and got a metal detector 😂  We kept digging and searching around and we actually found all kinds of stuff including a massive wrench buried in the ground haha, and then we finally found the keys!  It was pretty hilarious.  It's kind of cool being outside all the time as well and talking to people because you make friends with the locals and can get funny match ups like that.  

We taught John in the evening.  He took a train from Preston all the way up here to just meet with us and feed us.  He is doing well.  He just needs to go to church in Preston!  In the evening, we had Ward Council and Coordination.

Wednesday:  We went over to Whenzen's home in the morning and taught Angel and David the Ten Commandments.  I love teaching kids.  They're hilarious haha.  

They make everything simple, and that's really how the gospel should be taught.  Too many people expect to know every single answer to everything these days, and can't just focus on simple truths and the Spirit.  They are excited for their baptism next week!  The rest of the day we went finding, and in the evening we saw Bir!  He brought me back a tie and some jelly beans from Platform 9 3/4 because he knew how much I love Harry Potter.  What a guy!  He told us he couldn't come to church this week because his friends are coming over from Thailand, but that he wanted to get baptized next week and had made his decision, WOO!! 

(Gifts from Bir to Elder Copeland)

Thursday:  Just a full day of finding, a lot of new Chinese students just got here for Uni so we are getting loads of potentials, I'm excited!  We were supposed to meet Lisa, but she is really sick this week and went to the hospital.  We went on splits in the evening to hit up two dinner appointments.  I went with Elder Woodfield to a carvery! 

Friday:  We were on exchanges with the Zl's for the day.  I was with Woody.  In the morning, we were doing some finding and I found a girl named Anca from Romania.  We had an on the spot lesson with her.  She is actually studying up in Aberdeen, just was down here to pick up her mum.  We taught her the Plan of Salvation and she loved it.  We gave her the Aberdeen Elders' number so hopefully she will go up there and meet with them.  We drove over to one of the Zl's investigator's homes named Ebenezer from Ghana.  He had an issue in his baptismal interview which needed President Donaldson to come and talk to him about, so that meant a nice phone call to him haha.  President said he would be up in the evening to talk to him, so we went out and did more finding.  We had another lesson with one of their investigators named Diane from Latvia.  It went well!  In the evening, we had Ebenezer come to the church, and President and Sister Donaldson came.  It was great to see them for a little.  President had a small chat with Ebenezer and said that he was good to go!  Woo!

Saturday:  We had some finding in the morning and RC Sandy had a lesson.  He is going to the temple next week!  We taught our landlord named Tommy.  He is a nice lad.  He has had missionaries in his flat for 12 years, says we always pay our rent on time and cause no problems!  He invited us to a Celtic Football game in a few months if we are still here, wasn't too interested in the gospel, but a really good man.  We also taught a new Chinese girl named Lizzy and she is GOLDEN!  She loved the Godhead and we set her with a baptismal date.  She asked if she could see a baptism, and of course we were having Ebenezers that evening!  She came with us to it, and loved it!  It was a great service and Ebenezer was loving it.  

Sunday:  We were able to have Angel, David, and a new friend from China named Lydia! Lizzy accidentally slept in.  Lisa was suppose to come but too sick still, and Bir was with his friends.  Although we were suppose to have more people, it was okay and everyone is doing well.  After church, we just did some planning and finding.

So that was my week!  It was just really busy setting people up for baptisms in the coming weeks.  Please pray for Bir this week that he may be able to make that decision 100% and be baptized.  He is an incredible man and I love him a lot and know how much this will bless him.  I am thankful for you guys and for continuing to love and support me on my mission.  I will talk to you soon! 😇

Elder Copeland

OH! Forgot, Look up the Iron Cowboy, we ran into him on the streets, and got a picture. He is a member and actually has an incredible story! Another famous Mormon I've met wooo! :) 
 (The Iron Cowboy with the missionaries.) 
(Busy Buchanan Street on a Saturday)

(Japanese food.)

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