Monday, June 12, 2017

Week 45 - June 12, 2017

Hiya, fam!  

Good to hear from you all.  Seems like everyone's having a good summer so far!  It's been pretty rainy and wet this week so not as fun, but the mission work is going well!  Anyways, I'll go through the week.

Tuesday:  We had ZLC in the morning.  It was a really powerful meeting.  President Donaldson has asked all of us to Re-Dedicate ourselves to the work.  In the council, we talked about ways we can do so, and came up with an idea to go on top of a mountain, since we don't have a temple on our mission, and pray!  After ZLC, we had a district meeting, and talked about our goals for this new transfer to bring others unto Christ.  I was on exchanges with Elder Trease and we had good fun.  He was the Elder who sat next to me when I got to Edinburgh.  I was actually hoping he would train me haha!  But we GQ'd in the city for the rest of the day!

Wednesday:  We had a pretty busy day planned, but a lot of lessons fell through.  We were able to go and teach Lisa, who came to church.  She has already become friends with Elder Wang's mum back in China, and she really likes the Restoration!  She committed to being baptized at the end of the month.  Later on, we taught RC Sandy, then Bir took us to his Thai place for Dinner!  He had them bring out pretty much everything on the menu, and we were so full and it just kept coming!  We taught him afterwards and had a really powerful lesson.  He recommitted to being baptized at the end of this month!

Thursday:  We had breakfast with a Chinese family who owns a China Wok in town.  They made me Hong Kong french toast.  It was flippen incredible!  We also went over and taught David and Angel again!  They committed to being baptized at the end of the month as well! it's fun teaching kids, because you have to teach simply and be exciting.  We seem to be doing pretty well though!  They then fed us KFC for lunch, and we went over and taught Hannah who I had met and taught in Aberdeen for five months!  She is working down here for the summer.  We committed her to actually read the Book of Mormon this time for an answer.

Friday:  We had a full day of finding!  The city was packed, it was good criac.  In the evening, we had a Fiesta Friday and invited a bunch of investigators to come.  It was really good! 

(Pictures of Glaslow.)

Saturday:  We were able to go in the morning with our District up to Loch Loman and did a hike on top of the mountains.  It was a really cool experience.  On the way up, it was all misty and rainy, and I was able to get down and pray at the top and got some answers to questions.  After I finished, all the fog just disappeared.  We had a mini-testimony meeting up there as well.  I realized how a mission is just like climbing the mountain.  Sometimes it's hard, wet, and muddy.  You just want to stop and go back down.  But if you keep climbing, and get to the top, the view is amazing.  God answers prayers in amazing ways, and It was a truly humbling experience.  

After that, we taught Lisa again, and then did some finding in the city.  There was sooo many people here for the England VS. Scotland Football match.   We went over and taught David and Angel in the evening!

Sunday:  We were only able to have David and Angel's family at church.  A lot of investigators were out of town for holiday, but it was okay!  It was a pretty relaxed Sunday, and I felt a lot of peace.  We just did some finding and had another hotpot with Margaret in the evening. 

Today we got to go over to Celtic Stadium and take some pics, but they were closed, so we couldn't go in, dang it!  


But, I am thankful for the trials of a mission, for the experiences I have been able to have lately, and the miracles we have been able to see.  As long as we keep working hard, we are going to see a lot of success in the coming weeks!  It's all about the Lord's timing, not our own I have learned here in Glasgow.  I love you guys and hope you have a great week! 

Elder Copeland 

(Kendra made this cool art of Nephi for Elder Copeland.)

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