Monday, February 6, 2017

Week 27 - February 5, 2017

Hiya, guys!

I hope you are all doing well!  This week went by so quickly, never enough time to get everything done throughout the week!  I am loving my new area though.  There is a lot for us to get done here, and I am excited for this week to work hard! But anyways, Ill go through my week best I can remember!

Wednesday:  We had All Ireland!  We got picked up by our Zone Leaders and drove down to Dublin.  We were able to hear from President Donaldson, as well as hear from Elder Paul Johnson of the area Seventy!  It was an incredible day!  We learned so much from these men, and the Spirit was powerful!  I was able to see a lot of my friends who were over here as well.  Some very sacred experiences that day I will never forget!
("Here are some pics of All Ireland/Dublin city!  It was great to see some of my friends again :)"

 ("The spire of Dublin was really cool!"   It is, also, known as the Monument of Light, 390 feet high, located on O'Connell Street in Dublin.)
 (O'Connell Street)
Thursday:  We had a full day to explore our area!  We have a small town center here, so we just GQ'd a lot.  Later in the evening, we tried to do some chapping as well (knocking on doors)!  I haven't really done much of that on my mission, so it was a good experience.  You never know what is behind a persons door until they open it, pretty exciting stuff, usually some good laughs as well.  The people here are very nice, but a LOT and I mean that, are very strong BORN AGAINS.  That means from time to time, well, lets just say a few Bible bashes occur haha. Luckily, I know my Bible pretty well, and I like to call it more of defending the faith if anything ;) Good times

Friday:  Another full day of Finding!  Not too many lessons yet as we have literally no one left for us to teach here, so we just have to build up the teaching pool and get familiar with the area some more! 
(Elder Copeland stated, "Here are a few pics of Lisburn.  I will take some more this week of the area and of our flat!")


Saturday: More finding, more exploring.  I had a pretty heated discussion with a Church Of Ireland Minister, hahahaha, ah man I didn't mean too, but I roasted him.  The Trinity is a total bogus concept that people seem to accept and it blows my mind.  We had a nice discussion about the Godhead and how the Bible shows us that Jesus Christ is the SON of God, not another form of God.  I asked him if he knew what the Nicene Creed was and he had no idea... that is where they created the Trinity!  Anyways, we found some great potentials, and I had some fun as well. 

Sunday:  Today was Fast Sunday and our first time with the ward at church!  I went up and bore my testimony on my love for Christ, and how excited I am to work with the ward here! The ward is incredible already!  We have like 40 children as well in this ward.  It feels like I am back home with all of the screaming and running around of the little children.  It's great! This ward is huge as well!  A lot of great people came up and talked to us.  I can't wait to get to know them all a bit better and start working with them!
("Here is a picture of our Super Bowl Sunday evening, watching a video about the apostles and prophets instead haha!")  
So that was my week as best as I can remember.  Obviously, a lot more happened than that, but that is the best I can do with the time I have.  I have faith that Heavenly Father has me here for a reason, and I know that as Elder Nelson and I work hard, we will be blessed and see miracles!  I was missing home a little bit this week, especially since everything felt so new again and I wasn't comfortable with all my surroundings, but that is okay!  I will get to know the area and the people better!  I love you all and hope you have a brilliant week! 
Remember everything we have been given and how blessed we are and thank Heavenly Father for it! :)
Elder Copeland

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