Monday, February 13, 2017

Week 28 - February 13, 2017

Hiya, guys! 

This week was really good, it flew by so fast, I barely remember it haha.  Seems like time is always picking up out here as I get further out!  I am loving Lisburn.  This area, the ward, my comp, and the Northern Irish people are incredible!  Anyways, I'll go through my week though! 

 (Elder Copeland's companion who is from Canada allowed Elder Copeland to try on his gift from Canada.)

Tuesday:  We had our District Meeting in Belfast!  We got up and traveled down by train. Our District is pretty cool.  It's us, the Portadown Elders, and a senior couple in Portadown as well!  We had a lot of good instruction on loving our investigators, and looking at them as our eternal friends who have been waiting for us to bring them this message of salvation!  It was pretty deep, I enjoyed it.  We had a few more cool things taught in there. After District Meeting, we met with some other missionaries and went and got lunch in the city at a place called Boojums, it was INCREDIBLE!  It's like Chipotle, but 10x better!  That was good criac (fun, entertainment).   We then headed back to our area and had a few lessons and some GQ'ing!

Wednesday:  Today was well good!  We got a text from a former investigator girl named Kirstie asking us to meet up.  We met with her and she explained how she had been meeting missionaries for a few months, but she was in England for awhile.  She is back now, and WANTS TO BE BAPTIZED!  Long story short, she is 17 and turns 18 in March. She has been waiting to turn 18 so her parents can't stop her, pretty crazy story.  She is awesome!  We will be working with her for the next few weeks just re-teaching her everything and preparing her to be baptized on March 24th!!  
Later on, we did some more GQ'ing until dinner.  We went over to dinner with a man named Jason Smyth, his wife, and little girl.  We had no clue who he was until we realized, that he is THE JASON SMYTH!!!!   
 (Click on the link below to learn more about Jason Smythe.)
There ya go, that'll explain it.  Turns out they moved into this ward a few months ago and are new as well!  SOOO FLIPPEN COOL!  He let us hold his new gold medal that he won at Rio!  He is the fastest Paraolympic Runner in the World!!!  AHH!  Anyways that was cool. 
After dinner we had a lesson with an investigator family the Sisters had been teaching.  The family is Colin and Kandace Winters, from South Africa!  They are both incredible people. We got to know them a bit more.  Long story short with them as well, Kandace knows the Book of Mormon is true.  She wants to get baptized, as well as her two kids who are 9 and 13!!  She just is struggling with a few things, so we are going to help re-reach her everything and get her with a date this week!  SO MANY MIRACLES!  Honestly one of the most amazing days of my mission so far!  One to remember!

Thursday:  Another great day!  We had another lesson with Kirstie, then some Gq'ing, and found some really cool investigators!  We then traveled back down into the city and had our Interviews with President Donaldson!  I talked to him for only a tiny bit.  We were some of the last interviews he had for the day, and he was exhausted.  From 9 am until 6 pm, he was just interviewing the missionaries in the Belfast Zone.  He just told me to keep working hard and is proud of me! :)  Later on in the evening, we had Ward Coordination and our BOM Class we teach every Thursday.  It's weird.  I feel like a teacher when we get up and talk about what were reading with the class, but really I'm the one learning so much more about the BOM!  I love it!

Friday:  A pretty good day!  Lots of finding and a few lessons with Recent Converts.  We were freezing though, it was pouring rain in every flippen direction, classic Ireland!  We called a lot of investigators in the phone as well and set some stuff up for the coming week!

Saturday:  A full day of Finding, with pretty much no success!  That was a tough one.  I tried to visit Robert McGregor, Dad's friend, but he was actually in Vegas with my parents haha!  Pretty funny!  It was a really cold day though, and wet as usual!!  Not much more to it!

Sunday:  A great Sabbath!  We were able to have four of our friends at church! :)  Lots of planning and calling as well as some finding!

So that was my week best as I can remember!  It was one of the fastest of my mission so far!  I love my new area, and even though it's hard, I can feel the Lord's hand in all that we do, and I know that as long as we are obedient and diligent in our work, we will see miracles!  I love you all, have a great week, talk to you soon! :) 
Elder Copeland

 (Elder Copeland, "These are some pics of my Flat! I flippen love it!")



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