Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Week 29 - February 20, 2017

Hiya, guys.  I'm Lovin' Lisburn! 

It was good to hear from you yesterday!  Sorry about getting back to you a little late.  We got back pretty late yesterday and at that point we had a dinner appointment and two lessons to finish up the night!  We've been really busy this past week, and have seen so many blessings and miracles!  

Tuesday:  We had a great District Meeting in the morning, and had some Boojums after!  Three  out of our four lessons fell through, which was tough, but we were able to do some great finding and found some pretty cool people!  We had dinner at our Ward Mission Leader's and ah man, I love that guy so much.  He is named Mark Ballard from England.  He served in the Army and is a convert.  He was called to be Ward Mission Leader about a week before we got here, so is new as well.  He has done so much for us these past three weeks.  I have no clue how to ever repay him.  He comes out to less actives with us, he drives us around, he feeds us, and he works every day from 2 am to 3 or 4 pm, has three daughters, and his wife has a broken foot right now, so he is driving them all over the place. ABSOLUTE LEGEND.  I love that man, I thought I would just say that haha, anyways a good day!

Wednesday:  We had some lessons with some new people and it was incredible!  We taught a man named John who is in his 70's and loves the Bible.  We taught him the Plan of Salvation and he had some great questions.  We actually just taught him today as well haha.  He is doing well, just needs to now read the Book of Mormon and gain a testimony of it!  We also had a lesson with a man named Mannie.  Mannie's family is from Hong Kong, he has lived in Belfast his whole life and he is great!  He used to be Catholic, but has been trying to find more truth.  We taught him the Restoration and had a really powerful lesson with him.  He committed to be baptized on March 11th!! 

Thursday:  Lots of finding and some teaching to some Recent Converts. I got into like an hour Bible bash with some guy on the street.  I literally just wanted to walk away but he wouldn't let me!  He kept throwing all this rubbish at me and I literally just kept reading the Bible to him.  He had no clue what to say most of the time.  In the end, I managed to place a Book Of Mormon though and gave him our number ;)  We had our BOM Class in the evening as well.  Mannie came to it, he loved it!!

Friday:  Lots of finding, and some lessons, another with Mannie!  Taught him the Plan of Salvation, he loved it!

Saturday:  We went on exchanges up in Portadown with the Elders.  I got to go with Elder Kilgour from England who is nice and green!   Everyone in Portadown is Portuguese speaking for some reason, so we had some cool lessons.  One, we were able to use a Recent Convert and have him translate the entire lesson back and forth between us.  It was great!  Although we couldn't understand each other directly, the Spirit was able to testify of what we taught.  That is an incredible blessing our Heavenly Father has given us!  It was a great day!  We worked hard and had fun! 

Sunday:  Church!  Mannie and Kirstie (the one waiting until March to be baptized so that she will be 18) came with us!  We had some really great classes and they both loved it!  This ward is great at fellowshipping investigators and flippen FEEDING US!  OH MAN, they are feeding us 6/7 dinners this coming week, Legendary!!  We had some planning afterwards and some chapping!

So that was our week, it was well good!  We also got some sweet pics from Giants Causeway yesterday that I will send!  






Elder Nelson and I are getting along great!  He is a good kid.  We know how to work hard but have fun at the same time, and that is what makes time go by quickly!  I can't wait for this coming week and for the miracles in store for us as long as we do our part!  I love you guys and will talk to you soon! 

-Elder Copeland

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