Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Week 100 - July 2, 2018

The Last Weekly!

Well, fam, this will be my last weekly email going through my days.  Next week, I will share a wee bit and my testimony, but it will be busy!  This week was good.  We were able to build up a decent teaching pool, and I know Elder Gunson will be able to see some success from our friends in the coming weeks.

Tuesday:  We were able to have our District Meeting and talk more about the needs of our friends and Recent Converts and what we can do to progress the missionary work here in Galway Branch.  Afterwards, we GQ'd the rest of the day! 

Wednesday:  All Day GQ'ing.  The weather this week was the hottest it has been for over 80 years, and it was HOT haha.  We got a text from Sandra, and it was really sad.  She said she doesn't want to meet anymore or be baptized.  Satan was able to pull her away right before she would have received the greatest gift God can give her :( We are really sad.  But we craic on and know that it's the Lord's will. 

Thursday:  All Day GQ'ing.  In the evening, we were able to teach a new girl named Fiona from Australia.  She is cool.  She is jacked actually and works at a gym here, but she said she is kind of Catholic and has a belief in God.  She knew the missionaries from Canada.  I don't know if she is that interested though.

Friday:  We were able to teach Sally-Ann and her daughter Douja.  Sally-Ann is amazing!  She already had been to church and we got her number and she loves it.  She honestly just needs to have the missionary discussions and give up coffee and she will be baptized.  She also has a 9 year old son she wants us to hang out with, so we are going to play some football with him this week haha.  Later on, we GQ'd and enjoyed the weather! 

Saturday:  We were able to go do some service at a member's and that was fun.  Later on, there was a big sea festival by our flat, so we went over and took some pictures of some Americans doing fly boards, looked class!  

In the evening, we taught our Brazilian friend Dirce who is just being stubborn about baptism. 

Sunday:  We were able to have Sally-Ann and her kids come to church with us, Wendy-Ann, and Shirley!  It was my last testimony meeting on my mission, so I got up, and got pretty emotional haha, but after Sacrament the Branch President asked me to give a 20 minute farewell talk this coming Sunday.. FLIP.  I guess it will prep me for my homecoming talk? haha.   How grateful I am for the Sacrament though and the cleansing power of the Atonement as we renew our covenants each week!  The best time to prepare to take the Sacrament?  Right after we have partaken of it! 

That was the week.  We have some people who are doing well.  Sad about Sandra, but we did all we can.  This week we will have another All Ireland to meet the new Mission President.  President and Sister Donaldson left for home today.  How grateful I am for those two amazing humans.  I love you all and hope you enjoy the weather, and I will SEE YOU SOON.  Love, Elder Copeland 

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