Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Week 99 - June 25, 2018

Another Wonderful week here in Galway!! 

We are emailing later today because we headed out to the Cliffs of Moher, and spent our P day with Paul Swenson and Koni :D !  But I will go through the week!

Tuesday:  We were able to have our District Meeting at the Handy's, and Elder Handy gave a Book of Mormon presentation on evidences found within the central and south of America, and it was actually mind blowing.  I learned a lot more about the Nephite and Lamanite people and the way their cultures were sculpted and why they ended in the ways they did!  After District Meeting, we went over with the Handys to Sandra's home, and she let us in!  She has been struggling with depression, and it just hit her pretty hard this last week, thanks Satan.. so we are working hard with her to help her get over it, to re-focus and set this goal to be baptised!  Rest of the day we GQ'd

Wednesday:  We GQ'd the whole day and in the evening taught this chill Brazilian guy, but he wasn't that interested, just friendly.

Thursday:  Another day of GQ'ing, loads of American tourists and members come up and say hi which is class, they buy us ice cream!  We taught a girl from Argentina who was pretty nice as well, hopefully we see her again this week. 

Friday:  All day GQ'ing! 

Saturday:  We were able to teach Andreas.  He is a good guy, but he keeps craicing on with me about going home and all the things to do there hahah.  In the evening, we helped the branch with a surprise goodbye party for the Handys finishing there 18 month mission serving here.  It was wonderful!  We met a new girl named Dirce from Brazil and taught her as well. 

Sunday:  We were able to have some friends come to church with us, especially big for Sandra though!  She is pushing through her depression.  We just need to constantly support her and love her.  We hope this week will be a break through and can get her going again.  Please continue to pray for her! In the evening, Koni came into Galway to hang out with us! We went to the Handy's for a Sunday with her and some others, and Elder Handy blew my mind again with a big power-point on the Second Coming.  We got a call from Paul Swenson, my comp haha.  He is touring the mission.  He came and hung out with us, too.  It was soo good seeing him. 

Monday:  Today we went with Paul and his family and Koni over to the Cliffs of Moher!  Afterwards, we hung out with Koni, and she is doing real well, proud of her :) 

That's the week!  Just doing my best to finish my mission, working hard, and loving every minute of it.  I love you all. Thank you for your continued love and support, and I will talk to you soon!  Elder Copeland 

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