Thursday, April 20, 2017

Week 37 - April 17, 2017

Heya fam, good to hear from you all again. 



I hope you all enjoyed your Easter Holiday :)  They get two weeks off here after Easter for Holiday, think the missionaries get that as well? haha.  This week was a good one.  It was a wee bit slow, but we had some great experiences.  We also had MOVES CALL!  I'm excited! I'll go through my week now:

Tuesday:  We headed over to Belfast for our District Meeting.  We got to go with the Chinese District and it was a lot of fun.  They are all killing it with all of the Chinese in the UK.  I don't know how they can speak that language then just flow right back into English when we ask questions or talk to them.  Crazy.  But it was good!  Afterwards we had some lessons with recent converts and did some finding.

Wednesday:  We did some more service for David, his house still needs loads of work.  We helped sand some more and began to paint.  Brought me back to the days of painting with Dad, it was well good!  Afterwards, we did loads more finding.  David our Born-again friend had us over for dinner.  Nice guy, just confused.  He thought that Mormons didn't think we were gonna be saved and I had to explain to him a lot.   He loves America though and at the end, he gave this 15 minute prayer thanking God for Trump, asking him to bless America, to continue to build walls and what not, and to help Canada out.  It was hilarious.  I have never heard a more enthusiastic prayer.

Thursday:  A full day of finding, I guess the week before Easter is ditch Lisburn week cause there was nobody on the streets.  Dang.  We did have a lesson with a new Investigator named NIgel though and it went well!  He goes to a church in town, but we talked about the Holy Spirit teaching us truth and we ran out of time cause we had to go to a dinner appointment, but he told us he wants to meet this week and learn about our church!  That was good!  Later on in the evening Book of Mormon Class!

Friday:  Another day of finding.  Mannie took us out to lunch though which was great!  I love that guy haha.  In the evening, the ward had a wee Easter activity for the primary.  We got to hide eggs and candy all over the church for them.  I love the kids in this ward--they're hilarious.  I think people forget how clever kids can be and how much they really do know!

Saturday:  Today was Moves Call!  Elder Rich and Burgess who had been down In Dublin were dropping off their comps going home and were passing through Lisburn on the way back.  We went out to lunch with them and then did some finding!  All the missionaries know about Lisbornagain and they really wanted to bash haha, which is dumb.  But we went onto Bow street and what do ya know, that really angry bald guy was there.  He came right up to Elder R, Elder B, and I, and started trying to yell all of his usual anti-stuff.  We absolutely destroyed him.  I feel bad, but at the same time.. He came up to us, and all we did was answer all of his questions and anti-stuff with scriptures from the Bible, Ah well.  It was good to see them though.  Later on in the evening, we got our Moves Calls!  I am going to Glasgow City Centre to serve with Elder Wang!  I AM PUMPED!!  I am back in the city and another uni as well.  Our district has a ton of legends in it and we have like eight missionaries in our ward.  It will be a lot of fun and I know that Elder Wang is a machine.  I think I'll have to learn some Chinese though ;)  I couldn't have asked for a better area to go serve in!

Sunday:  Today was Easter!  We had a great sacrament service.  Since Easter is all about families and the Savior, I missed you guys a lot.   But it was nice to reflect on the importance of the Atonement, and how it has CHANGED my life.  I am thankful for Jesus Christ, for his sacrifice so that I can live with all of you forever.  What a blessing.   We went finding for the rest of the day.  I really appreciated just reflecting on the true meaning of Easter Sunday this year without all of the noise of the world.
 Later on in the evening though, we went with David to his church service.  It was interesting.  Not once was the Atonement even mentioned.  All they talked about was the Spirit, and sang a lot haha.  One lady was like screaming and speaking in gibberish-definitely not the gift of tongues going on right there.  It was probably weirder then all the rest of the churches I have been to.   But ah well, funny as always for Elder Nelson and me.

That was my week!  Sorry, it wasn't the most exciting one, lots of finding, but it was good still.  I just wanted you all to know how much I love you guys, and how grateful I am for this gospel.  So many people are confused out here, and I want nothing more then to help them answer all of their questions.  We are blessed to have the knowledge of eternal families with our loved ones and Heavenly Father.  I am excited for Glasgow, but I'll miss the people of Lisburn, Elder Nelson, and all of the memories made here.  I can't wait to talk to you guys next week and tell you all about it :) 
Elder Copeland

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