Thursday, April 20, 2017

Week 36 - April 11, 2017

Hiya, guys! 

It was good to hear from all of you today!  This week was brilliant!  We had some really incredible experiences and were able to have Kirstie's baptism!  Thank you to all of you for your continued prayers and fasts for her and for us, it payed off :)  I'll go through my week like always now!

Tuesday:  We had our district meeting down in Portadown.  We talked a lot about the importance of the Book of Mormon and did some role plays on it.  We then got a lift back with Elder and Sister Angel and they came and taught Kirstie with us!  They talked to her about any questions or concerns she may have had, and that she isn't the first to have to get baptized without any family support.  The Angels were converts.  They use to be Catholics, so it was good for them to relate and help her out!  After Kirstie, we were finding for the rest of the day.

Wednesday:  We had another lesson with Kirstie!  We planned more of her baptism out, and how she was going to get there.  Afterwards, we went finding all day again!  Later on in the evening, we went over to Mike's and had a short spiritual message with him and talked to him about Conference. 

Thursday:  Another full day of finding, not a lot of lessons went through this week.  We talked to Kirstie a wee bit more to make sure she was still ready to go!  Elder Angel came and told us that the Portadown Elder had gotten E-moved.. sad to see them go so quickly, but it happens!  It's only us, the Portadown sisters, and the Angels in a district now, with no district leader haha!  Not much else happened today.

Friday:  We went over to less-active David's home again and did some more service.  We sanded more of the walls and helped pull out some radiators.  I don't think I have ever talked about radiators here, but they are the worst!  Back home we just have a nice central heating system in all the homes, but here they got these massive, bulky, brick looking radiators all over the homes.  They take up a load of space and are annoying.  Elder Nelson got black liquid all over his jeans as we were ripping one out and taking it outside, it was pretty funny!  David wants to start hearing the missionary discussions again, so we hope we can help him get back out to church!  We told him we would get a few guys over with us to help him fix up his place, cause it needs a LOT of work.  Afterwards we taught Kirstie again! She brought her friend along who is a Methodist.  She said she was coming to her baptism and supports her, so that was good to at least have a friend there for her!  We taught Recent Convert Andrew again as well.  He showed us this video of him laying down in his bed, and he was claiming that you could see his grandma boxing Satan in it.. We were trying not to die laughing haha!  Other then that just some more finding! 

Saturday:  Today was the day for Kirstie!  We actually were called Friday evening by Pres. Thompson (He takes care of the missionaries in Ireland and works with the Stake Presidencies) who wanted to talk to us and then take us out to lunch!  He gave us great advice on ways to work within the ward better!  He then took us to Frankie and Benny's and I ordered this massive 'American Burger' with a bunch of meat, bacon, and macaroni and cheese in it, it was well good!  The rest of the day we were running around the church setting everything up for the baptism.  We cleaned the font again, and then moved tables and chairs and what not.  The baptism was incredible!  Kirstie's friends, along with a bunch of members were able to attend!  Elder Nelson was able to baptize Kirstie, and as she came out of the water smiling and laughing she was so happy! :)  Definitely proud of all the work we did, and how brave she was in making that decision to follow the Savior's example!  One of the best days of my mission!

Sunday:  I was able to confirm and give the Holy Ghost to Kirstie!  That was brilliant!  Our Born-Again pal David came to church as well.  He was asking some lame questions second hour and all I kept asking him was had he ever read through the Book Of Mormon to answer his questions?  All he has done was 'Cross-referenced' over to it through Bible study.. yea.. No one will EVER receive an answer of the truth of the Book of Mormon if they do not SINCERELY read it, ponder, and pray to ask if it is true.  It really isn't that hard of a concept.   Anyways, the rest of the day was good, finding and going over to Mike's for a wee bit to see how he was doing!

So that was my week the best I can remember!  It was a great one!  Today we went over to Tollymore Forest and hit another castle up as well.  I'll send loads of pics! 

 Pictures of Tollymore Castle

 Pictures of Dundrum Castle

OH, and if you haven't seen the new video on, check it out!  It's the #PrinceOfPeace.  The new Easter video about remembering the importance of Jesus Christ and his perfect example to us. 

This Saturday will be Moves Call, I don't think I will be leaving, but you never know!  We will see next week.  I love you all and am grateful for all that you do.  I will talk to you soon! :)

Elder Copeland 

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