Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Week 31 - March 6, 2017

Hiya, guys

Somehow another week is down already.  Time is honestly just a blur at this point.  We had an incredible week though, the lord is blessing Elder Nelson and I more then I could ever imagine!  This week we were able to see his hand in all of our work and I am grateful for the miracles he has given me.

Tuesday:  We had District Meeting in the city.  It was really good, talked about the new missionary schedule some more and how obedience to it will bring forth the blessings of the Lord.  Afterwards, we had a great lesson with Kirstie, then some GQ'ing, then another great lesson with Mannie!  Then some chapping, still waiting to get let in to a house off of that haha.  Let's just say that's not my favorite thing to do.  We only do it at night for an hour or so though, nay bad!

Wednesday:  We had some more lessons!  We started off the day teaching Amy.  She hadn't read any of the Book of Mormon or prayed, so we read with her and explained the importance of it.  She said she would read and pray by the next time we meet!  We then taught RC Thomas the Stop-Smoking Program.  As of TODAY, he is 5 days clean!!!  It really works!  We then traveled out to an older man named John, not sure if I have talked about him before.  We had a great lesson on the Book of Mormon and he accepted to really read and pray about it and come back to us this week with his results.  We then taught Mannie in the evening, which went well as always, and afterwards taught Kerri.  Kerri was suppose to start the Stop-Smoking Program, but refused to do it.  She then said she was thinking about going back to the Church of Ireland.  I don't think I handled it the best, but I asked her if she believed it was the true church of God on the earth today?  She didn't reply, so I began to testify how I KNOW this church is the true church of God.  We finished up the night chapping afterwards.

Thursday:  We taught Kirstie in the morning, had another great lesson with her!  We then got on a bus out to Newcastle where some members live.  They took us around a wee bit for our lunch break and we had a great time with them. 

(Newcastle:  Just some pics of us going around for a wee bit.  We weren't there long enough to really explore anything!")

 (William Percy French was one of Ireland's foremost songwriters and entertainers in his day. In more recent times, he has become recognized for his watercolor paintings as well.) 
 (The rock formations look like the outline of a head.)

 We Gq'd later on.  We then had our Book of Mormon class in the evening.  I was able to teach this week.  I taught on Alma 17, and really broke this chapter down, and I LOVE IT!  This chapter is all about missionary work and everything these men did to prepare for their missions, and the blessings and miracles they were able to see because of it!  It was well good!

Friday:  Today we went on exchanges with the Portadown Elders in our area!  I went with Elder Kitchen.  We started off the day heading over the the Johnsons' to teach Candice with them.  We had a very sacred, powerful lesson with her, that I really don't even think I should share on the computer because I will always hold it so deeply to my heart.  Very few times in my life had I felt the Spirit as powerful as in this lesson.  To summarize though, Candice has been being taught for 15 years by missionaries, who have prepared her little by little, for the decision she made this day.  She decided that it is time to get baptized for good, and now on the 24th or 25th of MARCH!!  Agh, I can't even describe how amazing this experience was, but when I was testifying of temples of God I was crying pretty bad haha.  We all were.  I love the Johnsons and I love Candice so much.  It's incredible how much love you have for these people as you serve them.  Never have I had so much happiness in my life.  After Candice, we had another lesson with Jorgia, Mannie, Andrew, and then finally a less-active named Ian.  Such a great exchange!

Saturday:  We had another lesson with Candace at the Johnsons'.  We watched the Restoration movie and had a wee lesson on the Book of Mormon afterwards.  It went great.  We then Gq'd for the rest of the day and found some new potentials for this coming week to teach!

Sunday:  Today was Stake Conference!  We headed over to Hollywood Ward to watch a broadcast from some Europe Area Leaders and from Elder Ballard!  They taught us how to reach out and love one another more as the Saviour did for us, and to strive to go the extra mile in helping those who maybe don't even say they need it!  It was a great conference.  We were able to take Kirstie with us as well, and after the Conference, she says, "I want to be baptized right now, why wait?"  AH... WHAT?!?!?  YES!!!  We told her that Mannie was planning on being baptized on the 11th, and she said she wants to be baptized then as well! Mannie was all for it as well once we told him!  So... this week we will be having two BAPTISMS.  Mannie has asked me to baptize him, and Kirstie has asked Elder Nelson to baptize her.   WOWOOWOWO!  WE ARE EXCITED TO SAY THE LEAST! 

I hope this e-mail made some decent sense, pretty much it was a week of miracles straight from Heavenly Father.  We are beyond pumped for this weekend.  We have a lot of planning to do to make sure it all runs smoothly, but I know that it is all in God's hands as well :)  

I am so thankful to be a missionary.  I have never been at a happier, healthier place in my life, and it's through serving others with love that I have been able to feel this way.  Thank you all for the continued love and support you have shown me.  It has gotten me through some low points out here, because its tough!  But Salvation NEVER was an easy journey!  I hope you all have a brilliant week and remember to look back on what the Savior has done in your own individual lives!  I'll talk to you all soon!  The 11th is also moves call almost forgot, this transfer is a blur.  I am hoping we both stay in Lisburn, but we will see!  I'll talk to you guys soon!

Love Elder Cope 😁

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