Thursday, July 28, 2016

Setting Apart as a Missionary and Leaving for the Airport - July 25 and 26, 2016

Elder Copeland was officially set apart as a missionary by his Stake President, President Taylor.  This is the priesthood ordinance of giving authority to members called to labor in specific responsibilities.  It is done by those having the proper priesthood authority and by the laying on of hands.  He was given a beautiful blessing and many promises were made if he would devote these next two years to the Lord and be obedient in all his responsibilities.
President Taylor on the night he set Elder Copeland apart as a missionary.  Also present in the setting apart were Melchizedek Priesthood Holders:  Grandpa George Copeland and Grandpa Scott Harmer.
 Elder Copeland with his family, including his dog, Harley.
Elder Copeland and his mother.
 Grandparents Scott and Patrice Harmer
Grandparents George and Laura Copeland

 Prior to the setting apart, Elder Copeland spent his last Family Home Evening with his family at a picnic in the park. 
 That evening, Elder Copeland, along with his family and grandparents enjoyed sitting in their front yard together watching the firework display put on by . . .
his younger brother, Brady, and one of his best friends.

Time for Good-byes
 The next morning, bright and early, Elder Copeland's friend, Kat, was so kind to bring hot muffins and fruit for the family to eat prior to leaving for the airport.  Since Elder Copeland would be attending the Missionary Training Center in England, he would be going straight to the airport from his home. 
 Leaving behind his wonderful home . . .
 and heading into the terminal.

 Picking up his ticket.
Family and friends who came to wish Elder Copeland off.  He was feeling a little sad that he didn't have his missionary badge yet, but he would be picking that up in England at the Mission Home there.

Elder Copeland was his Uncle Ryan who came to see him off.
 Then, all too soon it was time to say "Good-bye" for two years.  First to his mother . . .
 and then to his father.
  Now a big hug for his sister with his younger brother looking up to him.
 They had such tender feelings for their brother.

 Good-bye to his friend, Kat, who has been so supportive of Elder Copeland in this decision to serve a mission.

Good-bye to Grandpa George (and Grandma Laura)
Then, he looked away . . .
 And he was off--although he won't see his family or friends for two years, may only e-mail  home once a week, and may only call home twice a year (on Christmas and Mothers' Day), we all know this is one of the most growing times in a young man's life.  By serving the Lord and serving his fellowmen, which he will do the next two years, he will grow and become the person that the Lord wants him to be.  We all will miss him, but we wish him well and will continually pray for him in all he does in this worthy work.

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