Thursday, July 28, 2016

Farewell Party - July 24, 2016

A wonderful farewell party was held at the Copeland home on Sunday afternoon after Elder Copeland spoke in Sacrament Meeting on July 24, 2016.  Many family and friends were in attendance.
 This is Ernesto who was Elder Copeland's father's first missionary companion when they were in the Italy Catania Mission in 1991-1993.  They have stayed close friends through all these years.  Ernesto now owns a restaurant in Provo, Utah, and said he wanted to cook some Italian food for the farewell party.  
The food was absolutely wonderful and a great hit with all who came!

Elder Copeland with his cousin, Kade, who will be the next missionary in the Copeland family in a year.
Elder Copeland with his Great-grandpa Stoler.

Elder Copeland with his sister, Jenna.
Elder Copeland's both sets of grandparents:  Copelands and Harmers

And when all the clean-up was going on, here is Carter with the entire Copeland family's friend, Sandy, since when his father was young.  She had helped out so much during the get-together and was still there cleaning up right to the end!

This was such a wonderful day of family and friends wishing Elder Copeland well as he serves the Lord for the next two years.

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