Thursday, September 15, 2016

Week 6 - September 12, 2016

Well, I guess I am 19 now haha. 

Not much has changed, I feel like, and my birthday wasn't anything special but that is okay because I know that you guys were celebrating with me in spirit ;).  

This week was a pretty good one, we taught a lot of lessons and I was able to feel the Spirit really powerfully throughout them.  I guess I will just go through my days as always now!

Last Monday- After we finished emailing, the Zone Leaders invited me to go with them up to Dunnottar Castle.  It was really cool!  It's the first big old real looking castle I have seen so far on my mission, and I got some pretty solid pictures of it!  I'll send them, other then that just a normal P- Day full of grocery shopping and cleaning our little flat.

Tuesday- My birthday!  Like I said nothing special about it haha, but Elder Elsmore did make me Crepes for breakfast which was really nice of him to do.  We had another district meeting, and I got to go on exchanges with Elder Forward from Wales.  Elder Forward is one of the funniest guys alive, and he made my birthday pretty funny because every person we GQ'd he would say:  "It is Elder Copeland's birthday.  You have to listen to him speak! We had a really successful day and were able to get a lot of new potential investigators numbers.  When we got to the flat after a longgg day, Elder Tolk and Elsmore made me a cake and had a little celebration for me, and the sisters also gave me little gifts and so did some other members of our ward.  I admit, it wasn't as exciting as my other birthdays have been in the past, but I did have a great day and am happy to be serving with all of these incredible people!

Wednesday- We said goodbye to Elder Tolk and Forward, and went out to some of our planned lessons for the day.  A lot of people fell through and didn't show up, and we GQ'd forever with no success at all.  It was actually a really tough day and I was missing home a lot.  I realized that not every day on the mission are big miracles going to occur, but by focusing on all of the positives and little miracles it sure helps. I can't remember much else.

Thursday- We had a lot of lessons planned out again with new investigators that actually happened!  I wish I could go into detail about some of the lessons we had, but I had never felt the Spirit more powerfully then I did that day.  Please pray that the people my companion and I are teaching will be able to feel that Spirit and come to know what we teach is true.  We have so many people that are so close!  I really hope something works out with one of them.  Other then that another great day.

Friday- Another great day full of lots of lessons, and one point Elder Elsmore and I were sitting at different tables teaching different people haha.  We were having a lot of success all day and once again please pray that these people will know what were saying is true and will feel that spiritual confirmation!  After teaching all day, we went over to the Geekies, a family in the ward who I really love, and they had a little cake and celebration for my belated birthday haha.  Although I cant have my family celebrating with me, it's nice to feel at home and loved by someone while I am here!

Saturday- A really positive day!  A lot of our investigators are progressing really really well and the more my companion and I teach them, the more they understand!  I don't have a lot of time but just simply another good day.

Sunday- We had ward council and church in the morning which were all very spiritual!  A few of our investigators came over to church with us and we got to teach them and they loved it!  After church, we had more lessons with progressing investigators and I really learned a lot about teaching people to their needs and wants and letting the Spirit be the converter. 

All in all another good week here in Aberdeen.  I was feeling homesick around my birthday missing my family and friends, but I know that if I just work hard and try my best to teach people that I will be blessed for it.  I love my district and thank you to everyone who sent me happy birthday emails.  It made my day!  I don't know when I will get the packages that anyone sent me.  Since no one is going down to the mission home for awhile, I could be getting them in three weeks and that bites :(  But feel free to write me letters straight to my flat.  I will probably get those a lot faster and it really would help me out.  The work is hard, but I am trying my best and learning and growing and coming closer to our Savior every single day.  

I challenge everyone to focus on their families and close friends this week and spend more time on them--more than their earthly possessions because in the end, family is all that matters, and I wish I would have realized that while I was home.  But that is why I am here!  I am learning and growing and becoming a better person and missionary and love it!  I love you all.  Have a great week and be safe! 

Elder Copeland

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